Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tibi, this made me so happy!!

This has been one of the best collections I have see all fashion week by far. Of course there have been alot of talented designers and well known names, but that doesn't always mean best collection. Tibi, a new and still young brand- has been consistent and successful every season so far. Very young and fresh, it has the feel and could be that of a celine or stella mccartney sister brand. I also adore the fur and shearling accents, she doesn't over do it, but has a correct balance between furs and simple fabrics. And while menswear is still blatant and obviously still in season and as current as ever, I love love loved the pops of pink with the menswear and suited looks. It bring out the prettiness and softness of the outfits and of the girls. Alot of designers do menswear to an extreme and completely lose the femininity. This look is too harsh and may as well be for men. Tibi is definitely making a name for itself and I look forward for more seasons to come!

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