Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm crazy for kitties!

My Summer playlist

1 .Summertime-Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff
2. On a sunday afternoon-A Lighter shade of brown
3. Summer mix- Jeff Humphreys
4. Seeing Sounds album and Fly or Die album- NERD
5. Number 1- Pharrell and Kanye West
6. PDA-John Legend
7. Go Deep- Janet Jackson
8. Summer Madness- Kool and the gang
9. Save Room- John Legend
10. Sem Contempo mix- Bebel Gilberto
11. Kick push- Lupe Fiasco
12. Frontin- Pharrell
13. Lovers Rock- Sade
14. A Millie- Lil Wayne
15. Ms. Officer- Lil Wayne
16. Come Close- Common and Mary J.Blidge
17. Let's get blown- Pharrell and Snoop Dogg
18. Make my day- Common
Can't think of anymore right now...

I like this but i can't think of anything to wear it with except jeans

Calgary Soul


Pretty homes


I'm in love with ostrich lately