Thursday, July 15, 2010



I’m so fucking pissed off that the Olsen Trolls are still seen as “trend-setters”, even amongst their most prodigious peers. All these fashion sources sucking “The Row’s” dick can save it, nobody would find that shit cute if these bitches hadn’t been helping pay bills in the industry since they were pooping in their Huggies. Bag lady chic just isn’t fucking cute anymore, and it never really was to begin with if you ask me. I suggest that they go back and hold it down under the bridge they came from.

Fucking models though, they’re so infuriatingly perfect sometimes. I don’t like the broads that dress all crazy and flaunt their shit off-the-runway, but there are definitely some girls out there who are blowing my mind with their combination of beauty and classically dope style. I feel like so many women try to replicate that effortless chic, but it’s actually way harder than you’d think to just “throw on a comfy tee and jeans” and walk out the door looking faultlessly radiant like they do. Here’s to you bitches, fuck the troll life!

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