Wednesday, June 23, 2010

lady gaga needs to be killed

This video almost scares me as much as those pictures of the gulf of mexico. I shouldn't care about Lady Gaga at all but when i listen to the radio and watch tv it saddens me to see that this is the biggest musician on the planet right now. How sad is that??? What has our world come to!?!?! Lady Gaga isn't innovative, or creative, or different... she's just a fucking nutcase... I think anyone on this earth can pull a crazy idea out of their ass and do what she does... but they just dont have the connections or money that she does... This is a fucking joke how can we be expected to take this seriously? Oh but wait, everyone is a brainwashed follower who does anything that's "cool"....oh it gets better too...on her next tour, shes having human corpses as stage props... OMG THATS SO CREATIVE AND NEW WHY DIDNT ANYONE ELSE EVER THINK OF THAT??? SHES A GENIUS... uh wait... noone ever thought of that because that's a thought that only the clinically insane can conjure up.... CAN I RESSURECT MILES AND MONK???

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