Thursday, August 6, 2009

So excited for the rest of my life

While talking to my babe-dar, PHYL, i started thinking about Post-secondary and what the fuck i'm gonna do after highschool so that i'm not struggling and hustling my way through life. So i was looking into schools in Toronto and Van, and came across Lasalle College in Vancouver. I read up on it and the program that i want to take (Fashion Merchandising) looks really good and it's only less than a year to finish it! So i thought i'd take note of this school, although i still am looking for others (Ryerson is still in my mind). Which is what i need to be doing because the next 2 years will go by so quickly. I also need to look into what scholarships i can apply for in grade 12, i'm going to apply for as many as i possibly can! So I just need to focus for the next couple of years and i'll be good. I am very interested in being a Buyer or Visual Merchandiser mostly, but all of these jobs are appealing to me so we'll see!

Employement Opportunities

Fashion Stylist, Retail Buyer, Visual Merchandiser, Fashion Importer, Store Planner, Fashion Marketing Supervisor, Fashion Show Coordinator, Wholesale Agent, Fashion Promotion Events Coordinator.

Program Objectives

Produce Professional Visual Displays of Fashion Products.
Develop, Analyze and Implement Effective Marketing Strategies.
Develop skills and techniques in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Web Design.
Predict Styles and Forecast Trends and Evaluate the needs of the Consumer and Target Market.
Buy, Sell, Promote and Distribute Fashion Products.
Plan, Manage and Promote a Fashion Show.
Manage an Operating Budget.

Program Overview

Diploma Program consisting of 3 Semesters, 900 Course Hours.
15 weeks per semester, total of 45 weeks for the full program.
Approximately 20 hours class time per week.

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