Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Chanel ads...

I think that using Lily Allen for a Chanel ad is a little weird... wouldn't it be more appropriate to use someone who has class and is elegant? Since that's what Chanel represents?... It would make sense. Using someone who does coke, encourages children to do drugs, and has a bad attitude just seems odd to me. Anyway, the bags are practical so that's always good... I like the quilted one, it's cute for a casual bag. And i like the larger one as well... cute for a gym bag.


  1. omg these are the worst fucking ads everrrr!!!!

  2. i know it's a disgrace! Wtf was Karl thinking

  3. i think the overall theme fro the ads is good only tht lily allen is just not the right person. anyway i love chanel