Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"They're so downtown hipster... like.... 'I wear a fedora" ahahahha

Latest Obsessions:
-Beige and black together
-Beige blazers
-White boyfriend blazers
-Fur vests!!!
-Linen shirts, preferably dress shirts.
-Mint and peach coloured shirts and dresses
-Collarless shirts, sweaters, jackets.
-Rounded collars
-Shirts that button up in the back
-Real ballet shoes instead of flats
-Gold bracelet watches
-the Sofia Coppola bag, but i couldn't wear a fake and i can only find fakes for sale.
-Tweed blazers or sweaters
-Clutches (that's been a long time obsession though.)
-Trousers, beige and navy
-can't think of anything else right now...

and hopefully borders US will have The Satorialist book available soon!

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