Friday, July 10, 2009

If i could i'd give you the world, i got all i need

Are people so selfish and greedy that they aren't happy with anything at all? These fucking greedy and self-involved kids these days get so much but all they get out of that is wanting more, all people seem to want is more, more, more! Will people stop at nothing? Is nothing good enough for anyone? So many of them complain about how shitty their life is and how unhappy they are and how hard-done-by their lives are. But in all fairness, it's fucking retarded. I mean, the only thing that i am unhappy about is being away from my loved ones and having my whole life taken away from me, and i think i'm entitled to be upset over that. But other than that, my life is fucking awesome, i'm pretty fucking lucky and blessed. So re the rest of your guys' lives that bad? I mean, common, you have people in your life that care about and love you, and you care about and love them back, you live in a safe and beautiful country. And maybe we aren't 'high-rollers' but who gives a fuck about material shit? If i had all my material posessions taken away right now i wouldn't give a fuck, because they aren't what makes me who i am, and they aren't what makes me content at the end of the day. Yeah, it's nice to have alot of nice things, but to be able to go to school and work and have these wonderful people in our lives is a privledge. We should all just learn to be happy on our own because if someday everything got taken away from us, you won't be able to rely on yourself for happiness because it doesn't come from within, it comes from your surroundings. It's fine if your possesions or people make you happy, but you can really and truly only count on yourself for what you want. Don't count on anyone else cause they'll end up letting you the fuck down. Unless there's someone who you can expect things from because you know that they will be there no matter what and follow through with what you want out of them, and if you have that person, then you should do the same back. Don't expect to just sit on your ass and get the life you want. Life doesn't owe us anything, so get real and stop wishing and hoping for something to happen and do something about it. And even after it all you still didn't get what you wanted, you can at least say to yourself that you tried and put up at good fight. If you didn't, then what's it worth? it'll only be worth what you made it. So please, at the end of the day, think about what you have, who you have in your life, things you have accomplished and things you have yet to accomplish, and in the grand-scheme of it all, you'll smack yourself and say wow, i'm a lucky fuck. And another thing, people take minor shit too seriously, grow up and step into the real world and be concerned with things that are actually important, i'm really in awe of how ingrateful some people are, it really pisses me off. I'm speechless now.

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